Monday, May 18, 2015

Thursday (May 21st) Sub Plans

1st Period: Social Studies 400
Some of my first period students eat breakfast in my room. This is okay as long as they clean up after themselves.
We've been watching the movie "Rabbit Proof Fence" on Netflix. We are far enough into the movie, the kids should be able to complete the assignment linked above. I have sent this link to their school email.

Our guest speaker planned for Friday has rescheduled to next Wednesday.

2nd Period: Independent Study Current Events
Please check school email for Current Event and Life Skills 400 Assignments

3rd Period: English 509
Continue to read from Freedom Writers. We usually read about ten pages a day. You may choose to read aloud or silently.
Begin compiling favorite quotes from the book in preparation for the final project. I told the kids they need to choose twenty quotes from the book. They should write their favorite quotes in a notebook  or they may type their quotes and send via email. They need to have their favorite quotes selected by Monday.

4th Period: Prep/Independent Study
Levi goes to the Library 4th period. He checked out a new book yesterday. He should continue to read his book.

Bailey should continue to work on her e-school assignments.

5th Period: English 510

A handful of kids eat lunch in class this period. As long as they clean up after themselves, I don't mind. (Darren, TJ, Nolan, Andrew) I also have another student who comes into my room the first half of the class. He's not a member of the class.  He sits with the class, eats his lunch and sometimes participates in discussion. (Darrion) He leaves at the bell.

Continue reading The Secret Life of Bees. We usually read about 10 pages a day. You may choose to read aloud (popcorn reading) or read silently.
Work on The Secret Life of Bees final project. We started working on this assignment yesterday. Everyone needs to choose six characters from the book and make a "flip book." They may use the computers to look for pictures or to type quotes for their projects.

Several kids eat lunch in my room everyday. (Jade, Savannah, Tennessee)

6th Period: U.S. History
Continue watching "Born on the Fourth of July." Jade will help you get the movie ready if you need help with the smartboard,

7th Period: Prep/Independent Study
Bailey and Fae.
They should check school email for assignments.

8th Period: World Studies
Finish working on Rabbit Proof Fence/American Indian Boarding School assignment. Students may either email me their answers or print the assignment and turn in the printout.

I have two Independent Study students this period as well. (Bailey and Joselyn) They may either work on a computer or in the cafeteria.

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