Monday, May 18, 2015

American Indian Boarding Schools Assignment

Define the word "assimilation."

Define the word "discrimination."

How was assimilation used as a tool to discriminate against American Indians?

Interactive Map
Between 1880 and 1902, how many off-reservation boarding schools were established?
How many American Indian children were educated in these schools?
What was the "purpose" of these boarding schools?

What is the Sherman Indian High School?
What was its purpose?
Does it still exist today?

Compare the American Indian boarding schools with the "aboriginal integration” program you learned about in the movie "Rabbit Proof Fence." Describe three similarities. 

Look at the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child:

What is the Convention on the Rights of the Child?

How many member states have ratified it? How many have not? Which member states have not ratified it?

Which provisions were denied Aboriginal and Native children through the boarding school programs set up in Australia and the United States?


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