Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Banned Books Week Lesson

1. Which book has topped the banned books list the past two years?

2. Why does the author think his book has been challenged?

Has there been any book challenges in Wisconsin? If so, where? Why?

3. List five reasons The Absolutely True Story of a Part-Time Indian has been challenged?

4.  Several of John Green's books have been challenged in recent years. Which ones were on the list?

5.  List three reasons his books have been challenged.

6.  Are any of Green's books in our classroom? If so, which ones?

7.  Are any of Green's books in the RVHS library? Is so, which ones?

8.  Why was the children's book, And Tango Makes Three challenged?

9.  Why was The Glass Castle challenged?

10.  Does RVHS library have a copy of The Glass Castle?

11. How many books on this list have you read?

12.  Find one book on this list (that you haven't already mentioned) that the RVHS library has on its shelves.

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