Thursday, January 29, 2015

Civil War Interactive and Comprehension Questions

History Channel Civil War Interactive

True or False?

180,000 African Americans fought for the Union.

Over 10,000 Native Americans fought in the war on both sides.

Over 400 women disguised themselves as men and fought in the war.

The average age of a Civil War soldier was 15-21.

The average monthly salary of a Union private was $10.

The average monthly salary for Black Union soldiers was $7.

The Civil War is considered the deadliest conflict in American history.

Two-thirds of the soldiers who died in the Civil War died of illness.

Diarrhea was the deadliest illness for soldiers in the Civil War, resulting in over 34,000 deaths.

100,000 soldiers  died in prison camps during the Civil War.

The deadliest battle of the Civil War was Gettysburg.

Gettysburg lasted 5 days.

Robert E. Lee lost a 1/3 of his army at Gettysburg.

During Pickett's charge, the Confederates lost more than 6,500 men in less than one hour.

The estimated cost of the Civil War was $6.19 million.

Civil War Topics:

Lincoln's need to keep the border states in the Union influenced many of his decisions throughout the war including his refusal to abolish slavery in these states in the Emancipation Proclamation.

A Path Appears Assignment #1 (Social Studies 400)

Working alone or with a partner, you will be assigned an organization to research. You will create a presentation reporting the following information:

Name of your organization
Brief history of your organization
Mission of your organization
What does your organization do? What is its approach?
How does your organization involve supporters? What can people like you do to help?
How effective is your organization in bringing about change?

Thistle Farms

End Demand Illinois

Futures without Violence

Polaris Project

Girls Inc.



In the news:

Teenagers Stand Up to Backpage

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Clodhopper Report, Episode name: "Sledding 1"

Michael Perry -- The Clodhopper Report: Spring

WPT In Wisconsin - Michael Perry's Snow Tunnels

Visiting Tom by Michael Perry: The Official Trailer

To This Day Project - Shane Koyczan

The Psychology of Spanking Infographic and Comprehension Questions

Psychology of Spanking

Which group was more likely to agree with this statement: "A child sometimes needs a good hard spanking." a) males with no high school diploma, b) males with some college education, c) females with a high school diploma, d) females with some college education

Which racial group was least likely to agree with that statement? a) White women, b) Black males, c) Hispanic men, d) Pacific Islander/Asian women

Who was more likely to agree with that statement? a) Christian b) Non-Christian

Who was more likely to agree with that statement? a) Democrat b) Independent c) Republican

What percentage of children are spanked before their first birthday? a) 1% b) 10% c) 15% d) 20%

True or False? An analysis of 88 studies over a 62 year period of time found a 94% consensus that spanking has minimal negative effects on children.

How many states allow spanking in schools?

True or False? Wisconsin allows spanking in public schools.

What region of the United States is most represented in allowing spanking in schools?

How many spankings in schools were reported in the 2009-2010 school year?

What is the position of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child on the issue of spanking?

What is the position of the American Academy of Pediatrics on the issue of spanking?

How many countries have a total ban on spanking?
List ten countries that have a total ban.

How many countries have no ban on spanking?
List ten countries that have no ban on spanking.

What do we know about brain scans of young adults who were spanked as children at least twelve times a year for three years?

What does this mean?

True or false? Adults who were spanked as children have more mental illness and experience more drug and alcohol abuse.

True or false? Adults who were spanked as children are more likely to to develop health problems such as obesity, arthritis, and cardiovascular disease.

True or false? When spanking fails, parents who rely on it tend to increase the intensity of its use rather than change strategies.

True or False? Adults who were spanked as children experience more family dysfunction and violence.

True or false? Married adults who were spanked as children are more likely to act more physically aggressive to their partner and tend to be more verbally aggressive toward their partner.

An effective discipline system must contain three elements. List them.

What is positive reinforcement?

True or False? A positive discipline system should include giving a reason for a consequence (which helps children learn appropriate behavior.)

True or False? Consistency with time-outs and removal of privileges can increase compliance from 25-80%


Monday, January 26, 2015

Changing the World, One Word at a Time! | The Queen Latifah Show

Day 1:
Watch the video twice. The first time, just watch. The second time, take notes. Write down all the topics mentioned in the piece.

5-10 minute class discussion.
What was the main message of the piece?
What specific topics were mentioned in the piece?
What was the tone?
Do you agree or disagree with the message? Explain why or why not.

Day 2:
Everyone will be randomly assigned a topic from the piece. Your job is to research your topic, looking for examples of the topic in the media. Look for recent stories (nothing more than two years old). Find at least three stories in the news. Read the stories and be prepared to discuss the stories in class. Email me the links to your three stories. You may want to print your stories so you can refer to them during class discussion.

Day 3:
Share stories with the class.
How easy was it to find stories relating to the topics mentioned in this piece?
How are these issues being covered by the news media? Fair? Unfair? Explain.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian Exam

Use complete sentences in all of your responses.

1. Describe Junior (both his physical appearance and his personality).

2. Why does Junior draw cartoons?

3. What does Junior identify as the worst thing about being poor?

4. Describe Rowdy and Junior's relationship?

5. Describe a Spokane Powwow.

6. Who was Mr. P?

7. What was Mr. P's advice to Junior?

8. How did Rowdy react to Junior's decision to change schools?

9. Describe Junior's friendship with Gordy.

10. Why does Junior think it is funny that Indians celebrate Thanksgiving?

11. How does Junior pretend he's not poor?

12. How are Penelope and Junior using each other?

13. So far in the book, who have been Junior's role models and mentors? Briefly explain why Junior views them as mentors/role models.

14. Select your favorite cartoon from the book. What page is it on? Describe in two complete sentences what the cartoon is about.

15. Discuss two Native American stereotypes Sherman Alexie writes about in the book. (Find specific examples. Tell me the page number of each example.

Extra Credit:

1. What is your favorite quote from the book? Why do you like it?

English 510 Mid-term Project (Catcher in the Rye)

Create a Holden Caulfield Poster or Pinterest Page

What to include:

Favorite quotes from the book (minimum ten)

Adjectives describing Holden's personality and physical appearance. (minimum twenty)

Holden's likes and dislikes. (minimum five)

Personal information (for example: family, friends/relationships, education, etc.) (minimum ten)

If you make a poster, I have tag-board and construction paper and other materials for you to use.

Mid-term Project: Social Studies 400

Create a prezi account if you don't already have one. It will only take about a minute.
Choose a template. 
Create your frames and paths (the order/structure of your presentation.

You need to include this information in your presentation:

*Wisconsin High School Graduation Requirements

*River Valley High School Graduation Requirements

*Information about career outlook and wages for high school graduates.

*Statistics regarding career/wages for high school dropouts.

*Information about GED/GEO2

*GED/GED02 successful completion rate

*Tech school graduation rates

*Wages/Salaries of tech school graduates

*Student loan debt tech school graduates

*4 year college graduation rates

*Wages/Salaries college graduates

*Student loan debt college graduates

Not sure where to start? Look on the web for infographics, charts, graphs, pictures, videos, lists, links, etc. pertaining to the topics listed above. Include what you find in your presentation.

Prezi Website

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Why the use of Native American Mascots and Logos Matter

Is it ever okay to make jokes about, mock, trivialize, etc. historic events such as The Holocaust, slavery, Japanese internment, Indian removal, etc.?

Is this just an issue of "freedom of speech" or is it something bigger? Explain your answer.

What effect if any do jokes, trivialization, etc. of these events have on the individuals directly or indirectly affected by these events?

Who benefits from the use of Native American mascots and logos?

Your assignment is to look for examples on social media relating to the issue of Indian removal. We will share examples in class and discuss what if any impact these images, words, etc. have on individuals and society as a whole.

Each person is expected to find two examples to share with the class.

If you are unsure of how or where to start, one suggestion is to search "Trail of Tears" on Twitter. I did a quick search and in less than 30 seconds found multiple examples.


Some context on Florida State University and its mascot:

Sports writer Dave Zirin has written extensively on the issue of  Florida State Seminoles:

The agreement is with the Florida Seminole Tribal Council and not the Seminole Nation. The majority of Seminoles don’t even live in Florida. They live in Oklahoma, one of the fruits of the Seminole Wars, the Indian Removal Act and The Trail of Tears. These Oklahoma Seminoles—who, remember, are the majority—oppose the name. On October 26, 2013, the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma’s governing body passed a resolution that read in part, “The Seminole Nation condemns the use of all American Indian sports team mascots in the public school system, by college and university level and by professional teams.."

CNN "In America"
Native American Mascots: Pride or Prejudice?

At Florida State University, a white man dresses up as Chief Osceola, smears war paint on his face and rides an appaloosa called Renegade to the middle of Doak Campbell Stadium. He plants a burning spear on the field before every home game. The marching band plays Indian-themed music, and the crowd goes wild doing the “tomahawk chop,” a move picked up by the Atlanta Braves...

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Social Studies 400 (Thursday's Assignment)

Read the following article and answer the questions.

True or False

Relational aggression is defined as “harming others through damaging or manipulating peer relationships.”

This study relied on data collected from surveys which asked students how often in the past 30 days they had done things like spreading false rumors, ostracizing people or making mean comments about someone to turn other kids against that person.

One hundred students took the survey regularly from 6th grade through 12th grade. 

The results of the study found significantly more girls than boys exhibited a pattern of high relational aggression in the early years of the study.

Rosalind Wiseman, whose book “Queen Bees and Wannabes” gave rise to the movie “Mean Girls."

The group of students reporting high aggression was 66.7 percent male.

“People say, ‘well, boys are physically aggressive, but girls are aggressive in their relationships." According to this article, this belief is a myth.
Parents, need to pay attention to what both boys and girls are doing (with regard to aggressive behavior).

It is not important for parents to model positive behavior, including not being relationally aggressive themselves because their kids aren't paying attention.

If parents talk badly about other people (especially other children their child knows), it’s only reasonable to assume that their child won’t do anything different.

One expert quoted in the article advised parents to emphasize the positive. She said there are many examples of kids saying good things and kids helping each other, but that doesn’t sell very much so we don’t talk about it.

Short Answer

What do you think are some of the consequences of relational aggression (for both boys and girls)? (Other than affecting relationships with peers, are there any other negative consequences of this behavior?)