Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sochi Google Docs Assignment

Sochi Olympics Google Docs Assignment
Due: Friday, February 7th
Click on the links below to answer the questions.

The carrying of the torch symbolizes:

True or False? The 2004 and 2008 Olympic relays saw the flame travel around the globe.

The ceremonial lighting of the torch begins in ____________________.

The torch is expected to reach the city of ______________ on October 7, 2013.

The flame of the 2014 Olympics will likely be seen by  the residents of _______ regions of the Russian Federation.

The flame will arrive in Moscow on _______________.

__________ cities are part of the torch relay.

The relay will take _______ days.

___________ people will run with the lit torch.

What date will the torch reach Sochi?

Where was the torch on November 8, 2013 (my birthday)?

Why do you think there were few stops in north-central and north-eastern Russia?

Cities, governments, mayors, and presidents vie for the honor to host the Olympic Games, betting that investing huge sums in infrastructure and event-specific development will payoff in terms of tourist revenue, positive publicity, and sustained growth and income. Even with this perspective, Sochi's Game preparations seem extreme.

Use the infographics above to help you answer the questions below:

Sochi by the Numbers:

Sochi located in the country of ___________.

Sochi is a resort city sitting on the coast of the _________ Sea.

__________ countries will be participating in the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Competitions will take place over _______ days.

Competitions will take place in __________ different venues.

Sochi is considered the longest city in Europe, spanning ________ miles.

The 2014 Winter Olympics will cost an estimated ________ dollars. (Expected to be the most expensive in history.)

The Olympic flame will be traveling for _________ days over _________ kilometers.

There will be _________ torches at the Sochi Olympics.

Top ticket prices for opening ceremonies will cost an average of $___________ per ticket.

Top ticket prices for closing ceremonies will cost an average of $ __________ per ticket.

A five star luxury suite will cost you $___________________.

A two star single room will cost you $_______________.

The mascots of the 2014 Sochi Olympics are:

Coastal venue activities include (list four):

Mountain venue activities include (list four):

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