Monday, February 27, 2012

The Secret Life of Bees (Chapter 1 Quiz)

How old was Lily when her mother died?

What is the first and only memory Lily has of her mother?

 Briefly describe Lily’s relationship with her father.

 What three objects does Lily posses that are her only link to her mother?

 Where does Lily hide these objects?

How does Lily spend her days during summer vacation?

What punishment does Lily’s father inflict on her so often that she compares it to enduring the common cold?

Why does Rosaleen make a special trip into town?

 What happens to Rosaleen and Lily on their way to town?

Extra Credit:
Lily has a special place, a place she considers a sanctuary. A place where she can go to get away from her father and a place she can go to "get away from her thoughts." Do you have a place like this? If so, where is your special place? Why is this place your "special place"?

Compare the "learned helplessness" of Lily's bees not leaving their jar and the learned helplessness of women not leaving abusive relationships. 

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