Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Lesson- Life Skills 400

Take the Quiz:

How did you do?


What was the main message of this new story?
What evidence was presented in the news story?
Who is the intended audience for this news story? Expectant mothers? Women of child-bearing age? Expectant fathers? All men? Teens? Doctors? Social Workers? All adults?
Taking it further----What can you do to spread the message of this news story?
What Would You Do?

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Discussion Questions:
Would you have intervened? Why or why not?
If you would have intervened, what would you have said to the pregnant mother and/or the bartender?
Do you think drinking and/or smoking is a form of neglect/abuse (to the fetus)?
Do you think there should be laws prohibiting expectant mothers from smoking and/or drinking while pregnant? Why or why not?

8 week old "normal" brain and 8 week old Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Brain:

Fact Sheet:

Drinking and Reproductive Health
View Video:
Minnesota Public Radio Resources (Audio)
Time Magazine:

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