Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Extra Credit World Studies

Global Peace Index:

1. Where did the United States rank? Out of how many countries?
2. Which country was ranked #1? Which country was ranked last?
3. How many "Peace Indicators" were used in the rankings?
4. List three Peace Indicators.

Living on less than a few dollars a day:

5. What percentage of Pakistanis live on less than one dollar a day?

Which countries are the happiest?

6. How happy are we in the United States?

Most expensive cities:

7. Where is the most expensive city in the world to live?
8. How much would you have to spend per month for a luxury apartment?
9. How much are you going to spend on a fast food meal in N'Djamema, Chad?
10. How much are you going to spend on a daily newspaper in Moscow, Russia?

Farmville vs. Real Farmer:

11. List three differences between average Farmville farmers and average real farmers.

The Water Wars

12. Every minute, how many people die from bad water or no water?
13. What percentage of the global population lives in Asia?
14. What percentage of the global water supply is in Asia?

American Shame:

15. Which categories did the United States score "The Worst of the Worst"?

World's Best Countries:

16. Under the category of Health, which country came in first and which came in last?

Products made from slavery:

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