Saturday, April 9, 2011

April 13-17

United States History
Read from A People's History of the American Empire
Word Search/Vocabulary Worksheet

Fake Facebook Page Project: Joseph McCarthy
Review packets (everyone will need a highlighter)
Project: Create a "Fake Facebook Page" for Joseph McCarthy. You must include the following information:
1. What was McCarthy's background? (When and where was he born? Where did he go to college? What state did he represent in the Senate?)
2. How and why did he become involved in politics?
3. "Friends/Allies"
4. What led to his success and failure with the House Un-American Activities Committee?

This information may be included in the "Information Page, " "Friends List," "Status Updates/wall posts," or Photos.

Joseph McCarthy (History Channel)

House Un-American Activities Committee (History Channel)



Review questions from Tuesdays with Morrie final assignment. Select questions for exam. Review.  Exam on Tuesday.


Nonfiction (David Sedaris) Reading and Lesson:

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