Monday, January 31, 2011

Civil Rights Activity

Toolbox for change:

Everyone will receive a photocopy of a toolbox. Fill your toolboxes with "tools" for change (things used by Civil Rights leaders in their struggle for civil rights). We will brainstorm a list of ten things as a class. Each individual must come up with ten additional "tools". You will need to find pictures of these things (or pictures of things that symbolize your "tools") from magazines. Cut out your pictures and glue them in your "toolbox". Write a brief explanation of why you selected each tool on the back of your "toolbox".

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Ashley said...

Ms. Hansen- I love your page. I'm a SUNY Potsdam Grad student and I just wanted to say how much I liked your page. I wondered though, how do your kids use it and interact with you? Do they use it often and how do they utilize it?