Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Century America's Time: Seeds of Change

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Study Questions
“The Century America’s Time: Seeds of Change”
1. Attitudes toward women and African Americans have changed dramatically in the twentieth century. Describe some of the changes and progress made for women and African Americans. Describe some changes that may still be necessary.

2. How have politics and technology made the twentieth century “The Killing Century”?

3. Historians of immigration use a migration theory known as push/pull. Something pushes the immigrant from his or her homeland and pulls him or her to a new homeland. Discuss some of the push/pull factors for immigrants during the waves of migration during the twentieth century.

4. Labor conditions at the beginning of the century were dangerous, dirty, and miserable. Why were conditions so bad? Why did these conditions go unchecked? Why weren’t workers able to organize and unionize for better working conditions?

5. What was Progressivism? How did the Progressive Movement shape early American ideals?

6. What were Jim Crow Laws? How did these laws conflict with American ideals?

7. Newsreels were a standard part of movie entertainment. How did these newsreels “open the world” for viewers?

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