Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lewis and Clark Activity (PBS)

Visit the link below:
Click on "Inside the Corps" to find the answers to 1-6:
1. How much money was appropriated to fund the expedition?
2. How many people made up the "Corps"?
3. Who were the Captains?
4. Name two mathematical instruments brought on the trip.
5. Name three examples of presents for Native Americans that was brought along on the trip.
6. What camp supplies were brought? (List four)
Click on "Native Americans" to find the answers to 7 and 8.
7. How many Native American tribes would the Corps of Discovery encounter?
8. Briefly describe the ritual performed by the Corps each time they encountered a new tribe.
Listen to the experts (Living History):
9.Who was Sacagawea, and how did she aid the expedition?
10. What kinds of animals did Lewis and Clark discover?
11.What is the larger historical significance of the expedition?

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