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May 10-14

U.S. History: Present projects on Tuesday
Online timeline:
Watch Dar America: Letters Home from Vietnam
Project Suggestions:
The war in pop songs.
Find the lyrics to a pop song from the Vietnam era that refers to the war. Distribute the lyrics to the class and, if you have access to a recording, play the song as well. Then discuss the song: What is its message? Does it simply express an opinion about the war, or does it also call on listeners to take some action? What sorts of reactions might different people (such as a young person eligible to be drafted, a soldier serving in Vietnam, or the parent of such a soldier) have to the song?

Hollywood goes to war.
Working with a partner, select a film about the Vietnam War -- either the war itself or its effects on those who fought in it -- and present your choice to your teacher for approval. Once your selection has been approved, watch the film with your partner.

As you view the film, consider how it portrays the war and the soldiers who fought in it. Does it appear to support U.S. involvement in the war, or not? Are American soldiers presented as heroes, as victims, or in some other way? Also note any particular scenes that dramatically symbolize the film's message.

Each group should present its findings briefly to the class. As the presentations are made, construct a timeline that lists each film and the year in which it was released. When all of the presentations are finished, look at the timeline as a class: Do you see any trends in how Hollywood has portrayed the war or the soldiers who fought in it?

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Watch CBS News Videos Online
History Channel clip:
Why are soldiers called G.I.'s?

Project: Watch video clips and answer the questions below:
United States History

History Channel clip:

1. How many American G.I’.s served in Vietnam between 1956 and 1975?

2. How many were drafted and how many volunteered?

3. How many were women?

4. What roles did women play in Vietnam? List two examples.

5. What percent of the troops were African American?

6. What percent were white?

7. What was the average age of the troops?

8. What was the average age in World War II?

9. In Vietnam, the average number of days combat in one year was…?

10. How many Americans are still missing and unaccounted for?

11. What does G.I. mean?

CBS News clip:

1. Dan Rather said Vietnam was a “new kind of war.” Give two examples of how it was a new kind of war.

2. Why was the Vietnam War called the “Living Room War”?

3. What was it like for Commisioner Ray Kelly when he returned home from Vietnam?

4. How many Americans lost their lives in Vietnam?

English: Begin The Secret Life of Bees
Worksheet (first week)
Smart Board Vocabulary

World Studies: Finish World Geography packets
Smart Board Geography games

Science (Sub for Mr. Blakely)

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