Friday, February 6, 2009

Child Soldiers WebQuest


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Amanda said...

I watched the video on how they were planing on rebuilding the community. Obama came to New Orleans and he tells the people he is going to help the katrina victums. He proves that its not just so that they pick him for president. He says its an absolute commitment he has and no matter what happens in election, something has to be done. Because, its a kind of symbol of what kind of country we are and if we dont get this right then it tells us that we as a nation, have forgotten to look out for one another.

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Part two
Most victims came back because they wanted to help fix everything and feel like they were a help of the community. They also no were every store and place is and its just there home why would they leave. One guy came back the day after the storm because he knew he couldn't leave he has family and friends there. The people that did leave were the people that were scared that the leeves would rise again. Theres only so many times that you can tell people you lost everything!

Lea Hansen-George said...

I watched the Obama video as well. It was really good. Very emotional.

I think our leaders learned a lot from Katrina (at least I hope they did). It is shameful that something like that ever happened in the U.S.A.

Another topic: I'm happy you've created your own blog. It can be a lot of fun. If you ever have time, look in my archives. (Especially April, May, June and July 2008.) That is when I was blogging the most. I posted a lot of lessons, notes, resources and even some fun stuff! You'll see a lot of kids responded to the blog posts as well. You would have to go back further to find all the student posts. I'd say the school year 2007-2008. It is kind of fun to read other kids' comments.

Good job Amanda on your responses. Your hard work is evident. You will do well next year!