Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Social Studies Recovery Project Idea

Watch the video linked below and post a comment in the comments section. In your comment, tell me what the video was about. Where does it take place? Who are the parties/individuals/groups involved? What did you learn from the video? Do you plan to discuss what you learned with anyone else? Why or why not? How did this video affect you as a human being? (Do you plan to do anything now that you are aware of this issue?)

Click the link below (past post entitled "Global Food Crisis.") Watch the "60 Minutes" video embedded in the blog post. First, you will have to watch a brief commercial. The segment begins with Anderson Cooper explaining the issue.


If time permits, spend some time looking at some other links posted on the page. You may also watch the YouTube video embedded in the blog post. For extra credit, comment on one of the additional links or videos you looked at.

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