Thursday, July 17, 2008

Why do so many kids hate history?

Lies My Teacher Told Me
Read the Introduction to Loewen's book and tell me what you think.
CNN story - Controversy over Columbus:
Read the story and tell me what you think. Do you agree with Loewen or Buchanan?
Zinn discusses and Matt Damon Reads from, A People's History of the Twentieth Century:
This is pretty cool:
Listen to Loewen - Lies in History Part I:
Lies in History Part II:
Listen and comment for credit.
James Loewen Videos:

Watch and comment for credit.
If you don't see the video, click here to watch:


drake w. said...

i think the reason is that in high school the students are learning about more history than they can take in. Also the history teachers in most high schools are old fashioned and do things the way they did it instead of making fun for the students....part of this reason is that when a school makes cuts they cuts the teachers who they see to be the worst teachers acedemically when they are probably the ones that go all the way to make sure a student is learning and understands wat it is that they are learning is correct.

tylermi w said...

lol john stop trying to suck up to the teacher :)

tylermi w said...

Ok well anyways ive posted a comment on an old post on "Todays Movie Blood Diamond" i dont know how many pages back it was for i searched to find it. I answered the first set of questions that u have liked to on that post. I'll be sure to check the posts and blogs for a few more days for any return comments if there are any but since i finished all 7 of my projects i wont be comming back for the rest of the summer school days. I will how ever check on this post every now and then jsut to see if there's anything of interest on here.

Ohh and chris, john, and steve if u happen to see this ill be seeing you all in a few months when school starts again.

Copus US said...

maybe they don't want hear the boring information.

Lea Hansen-George said...

History is never boring!

Read today's New York Times story I have linked under the post "Photojournalism and War."

James Loewen once said, "Emotion is the glue that makes history stick." This story proves that true (I think.)

jaleesaWH said...

i agree when the comment john posted.......because look at all the history classes you need to take....its ludicris...i know that you need to take in the history for but then again the kids need to understand that you should know about your own country's history but alot of teachers keep their classes dull very dull....

do ya yant said...

1. Hidden History 7-07
2. Native American Post 7-08
3. Jim Crow 7-09
4. Civil Rights ?'s 7-10
5. Landmines 7-11
6. Child Soliders 7-14
7. Vietnam post 7-15
8. Mini Earth 7-16

Copus US said...

stop getting in our head Mrs. Hansen-George. lol

drake w. said...

rodney king its cuz im green isnt it

drake w. said...

thats wat jesse jackson was talkin about......racism

L McBaker4 said...

K well im not as organized with my days but ive confirmed all of the projects with u so here are the ones we discussed and the ones that were written down, here they are:
1. Civil Rights questions
2. Unsung Heroes
3. Vietnam Post
4. Mascot Logo
5. Child Soldier
6. Ishmael Beah
7. Hidden History
And i know ther is more because ive produced more work than that...but im pretty sure more stuff should come up

Stadele U.S. said...

1. Native American
2. Hidden History
3. Another hidden history
4,5. 2 Civil Rights
6. Land mines
7. Child Soldiers
8. Vietnam Photos
9. Mini Earth
10. Jim Crow

Lea Hansen-George said...

Skylor, stadele, mcbaker - Okay, all of you guys have completed all of your project requirements.

Lea Hansen-George said...

chris - Okay, you were coming into the July session with four projects already completed. Since then, you've completed one project, correct? I'll look for your responses on the blog post pertaining to the film, "All the President's Men."

If we are accurate in our counting, that is five projects...only two left.

Have you thought about your next topic? Did you watch "Bobby" yet? Maybe you would like to bring in a history movie.

Lea Hansen-George said...

tyler - You may not see this...sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I found all of your stuff. I'm glad you spent the time looking into the various issues and topics you did this summer.

I hope what you've learned has changed your view of Social Studies. Everything you've studied is Social Studies.

I incorporate History into everything I teach. It's how we make sense of current issues affecting us. For example, many people were shocked last summer over the Jena 6 story. Without understanding the history behind the noose or for that matter, examining the origins of racism in our country, the Jena 6 story is difficult to comprehend. Especially for someone from rural Wisconsin!

Jena 6 is one example. I could site dozens. McBaker spent a lot of time examining the mascot and logo issue. At first, he seemed perplexed by the controversy. After examining the issue from all sides and studying the history, he began to change his mind. I'll stop now! I think you get my point! Anyway, like I said, I hope you've changed your mind about History. It is never dull...maybe the presentation is dull...but the story is never dull! is always relevant.