Thursday, July 24, 2008

Changing the Rules of Engagement

Watch Frontline "Changing the Rules of Engagement":
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Interactive Map - "The Toll of War" Civilian and Military Casualties:
"Collateral Damage or Civilian Massacre in Haditha?" Time Magazine Story:,9171,1174682,00.html
Lesson Plan "The Human Costs of War" New York Times:
Project Suggestion # 1: Click on the link above (The Human Cost of War) and scroll down to "Extension Activities." Go to #1. Post your answers in the comments section. In your comments, first answer the questions relating to the War in Vietnam then answer the questions focusing on the War in Iraq. (See me for clarification if needed.)

A final note about this project suggestion: You need to spend some time watching part or all of the Frontline episode linked above. You may also want to spend some time on the "Analysis" link.

Project Suggestion #2: Watch all or part of Frontline's "Changing the Rules of Engagement." Read the Time Magazine article linked above entitled, "Collateral Damage or Civilian Massacre in Haditha." Share your thoughts in the comments section.


drake w. said...

all 7 projects

Pearl harbor
shindlers list
popular music -- Metallica one

Lea Hansen-George said...

drake - Okay, you are finished. You do not have to come back tomorrow.