Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Today's Movie - "Bobby"

After watching the movie, "Bobby" answer the following questions:

1. Who were the leading Presidential candidates running for President in 1968?
Follow these links to find the answers to this question:
2. What did you learn about Bobby Kennedy's platform from the film?
3. Looking back at the film, what references to racial issues were made? (Perhaps you can recall incidents of prejudice or discrimination based on race in the film.)
4. What did you learn about public perceptions of the War in Vietnam from the film?
5. What did you learn about 1960s popular culture from the film?

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Resources and past blog posts:

Official Site:
Wikipedia - Bobby Kennedy:
NPR story - 40 years later:
Bobby's Legacy - Listen to NPR story:

More on Bobby:
Echoes of 1968:
My Lai - Public Perception of the War:


broadbentW said...

1.Eugene McCarthy, Robert F. Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey, and Richard Nixon.
2.He was very successful and very political. That was his life pretty much. He worked with his brother when he was president and after his assassination, he continued as Attorney General for President Johnson. He didn't believe in war so he later broke off and started his own campaign for president.
3.I remember the issue between Miguel and the chef whose name i can't recall, i just remember he was African American. I was surprised, it was mostly Miguel because the other man learned to live with it, Miguel had anger and couldn't hold it back or control it. He kind of made things worse for himself.
4.I learned that a lot of people don't want war and would rather make peace, but our government doesn't listen to it's people, it does what it wants to. People just want what is right and what they think is best for themselves, their family, and their country.
5.Well i liked the diners, i wish we had one around. It hasn't changed too much, but it was pretty cool back then. They kind of had their ways of having "fun" too.

Lea Hansen-George said...

broadbentw- Good job on questions 1-4. This satisfies one of your project requirements.