Friday, April 25, 2008

Tying it all Together - Civil Rights Mini Course- Unit 1

On Monday, you will participate in a "threaded discussion" covering the packets, videos, Internet sites and lecture material we've dealt with in the past two weeks. Be prepared to participate in the threaded discussion. Rather than discuss issues of reparations as we originally planned, we'll focus on the symbolism behind the "noose" and it's relevance in recent events including the Jena 6 incident.
To learn more about Jena 6, visit the link below for MANY stories on the topic.
NPR coverage of Jena 6
Original Post on Unit 1(including questions):


Consciously Unconscious said...
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Consciously Unconscious said...

Oh, this is Aubrey btw

Consciously Unconscious said...

Ok, i found the movie A Brilliant Mind, so all i have to do is remember it on Monday. Someone sent me this clip about a 15-year-old boy that was killed for being gay, and it's just about Ellen Degeneres talking about it, and at the bottom is a bunch of links about what you can do to help..

Lea Hansen-George said...

Is the movie "A Beautiful Mind"? Is this the one you have?

There is also a documentary called "Brilliant Madness."

Thanks for the site. I'll check it out. Very sad story.

Consciously Unconscious said...

Yea, it's a beautiful Mind. I checked just now, lol