Sunday, April 13, 2008

Psychology - Parenting Resources

In response to the disturbing study just released by the CDC and the Federal Administration for Children and Families pertaining to infant neglect and abuse, I've compiled a list of resources that may be of interest to those of you wishing to learn more:
Story on the study:;_ylt=ApUnDXoa4nTvAFV5D16MbtXVJRIF CESA workshop- Shaken Baby Syndrome (MANY valuable resources found here):
Powerful documentary on the issue:
Resources on Shaken Baby Syndrome:
Extra Credit (Post a comment addressing one or both of the questions below):
What do you think needs to be done to eliminate infant and child abuse and neglect? Do you see any measures taken by your school or community to educate people about child abuse and neglect? If so, what is being done?


Lea Hansen-George said...

If you are posting a comment from another district, does your High School still have a Family and Consumer Education Department? Are parenting classes offered? Is a parenting class required for graduation?

L.Bennett4 said...
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schwartz2 said...

I read the articles about child abuse and neglect. I can not see what makes people harm innocent children, especially babies that can not even defend themselves. Shaken Baby Syndrom is a cruel way for a baby to die. There are beter ways for a child to stop crying if that being the case. They might be hungry, or sick. I dont see why there have been so many babies dieing this year along with all of the suicides. I think that people who harm their own children and babies need to be locked up! Because it is just so mean to do to a baby.

Dague2 said...

I think everyopne needs to be educated about it and i think that is the school's job. That is the only place where you know everyone will learn about it. They should make it mandatory to graduate. Our school has takening steps by making the seniors watch a video on it and i think u need it to graduate at our high school.