Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Last Lecture

Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and told he has three to six months of "healthy" life, this husband and father of three young children has a message of hope to share:

Ten questions for Professor Randy Pausch (From Time Magazine):
Or watch his last lecture:
Interview with Diane Sawyer:
Randy's Website:

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mbray4 said...

I watched the video on YouTube on his speech. I thought it was amazing how alive he seemed. You would have never guess he has cancer. The thing that really stuck me the most when listening to the speech was the thing he said about brick walls. How that brick walls, meaning things that get in the way of your dreams, aren't there to make you give up. And they are not there to stop you. They are the to see how determined you are and how bad you really want it.

I also loved how he included his wife's birthday into the speech, and how the twist at the end was that the speech wasn't even for dreams...but based on your whole life. And how the speech wasn't even for was for his kids.