Thursday, December 6, 2007

Psychology Take-Home Quiz (Mood Disorders)

Mood Disorders

1. What factors do clinicians consider when distinguishing clinical depression from normal sadness?

2. In class we discussed clinically depressed people as experiencing a "cluster" of biological, physical and cognitive symptoms. Briefly explain each category of symptoms.

3. Briefly explain two theories regarding why more women are diagnosed with clinical depression than men.

4. Although not every person experiencing a significantly stressful life event (recall those from the Social Readjustment Scale) becomes clinically depressed, some do. List four vulnerability factors.

5. Briefly, discuss several differences in the Social Readjustment Scale for minors (compare to the Social Readjustment Scale for adults.)

6. What is the difference between Cognitive and Interpersonal Therapy?

7. Briefly discuss the treatment methods for S.A.D.

8. How common is postpartum depression? Researchers are calling for increased screening measures for new mothers through the first year of giving birth. What preventative measures can expectant and new mothers take to deal with P.P.D.?

9. Bipolar disorder involves episodes of mania and depression. Briefly describe a manic state?

10. Discuss the difficulties involved in treating people diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

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