Monday, November 26, 2007

Seasonal Affective Disorder

S.A.D. - is unlike the "Winter Blues" or "Holiday Blues"in intensity and duration. The "Holiday Blues" for example, tend to result from unrealistic expectations of the holidays, anxiety over gift-giving (financial difficulties), remembrance of loved ones lost or memories of past holidays with loved ones lost. The duration is temporary, lasting days to possibly weeks.

S.A.D. -believed to be associated with decreased exposure to sunlight in the winter months. Treatments often include exercise - preferably outdoors, cognitive therapy, photo therapy and/or medications. Women seem to experience S.A.D. more often than men - perhaps this is because men are less likely to seek treatment.

Mayo Clinic - Information about S.A.D.
National Alliance on Mental Illness - Information about S.A.D.


JessaFletcha said...

It seems like there are more and more "disorders" to pick from than ever before. Anyone could claim they've got SAD just like the supposed restless leg syndrome.
I don't mean to be rude it's just that I know to many people would clamin they've got anything to get attention. Also the amount of people who just need something to make money off of.

Jordyn said...

I think if people do more things that make them happy they won't have a problem. They need to find things they like to do indoors as well as outdoors. They could feel better if they just took time to maybe.. watch a movie.. or go out to eat with friends. If you keep yourself satisfied, S.A.D. shouldnt get out of hand

corcoran3 said...

There are many easy things that can be done to prevent or help with SAD. Eating healthy and getting enough rest is a simple task everyone can incorperate into your life. Of course getting outdoors will help, but since its cold, you could look into getting one of those lamps. Going to a tanning booth is another thing that somepeople do also.

Trebus4 said...

Going outside is one major thing that you can do to help SAD. Eating healthy and getting a good amount of rest is also highly suggested.