Sunday, December 31, 2017

Creating a LinkedIn Profile for a Historical Figure

I'm feeling productive (after suffering with migraines three days in a row). Ugh. I spent yesterday afternoon and most of today working on a new activity I plan to use with my U.S. History students. Many of my current History students are also taking a Life Skills class with me this semester. We just finished working on resumes and next week I am going to have my seniors create their own LinkedIn profile pages. So, LinkedIn has been on my mind! I thought it might be fun to create a LinkedIn page for George Washington as a culminating activity as we wrap up our current unit in U.S. History!

I created two versions of the activity (some of my students prefer working with Google Docs and some prefer traditional worksheets.)

This is what I came up with:

I believe most of my students will appreciate this activity/alternative assessment. Considering mid-terms are coming up, I am sure most of my students will welcome a break from traditional paper/pencil exams!

I uploaded this activity to my TpT store. Check it out!

Of course I had to create a Ruth Bader Ginsburg version too! Here it is:

Friday, December 29, 2017

Washington and Adams' Presidencies

I spent the last couple days of winter break re-vamping some of my resources for my next unit in U.S. History. I am especially excited to introduce a brand-new activity I created for my students based on Washington's concerns about his role as the nation's first President. In this activity, students will examine five specific areas of concern and research Washington's correspondence with his most trusted advisors regarding how he should handle each area of concern. The five areas students will examine are:

How to Act Like a President
Developing a Presidential Style
The Institutional Workings of the President
Polling Public Opinion Before Polls
Managing a Quarrelsome Cabinet

I created an interactive notebook page for my students to glue into their notebooks. Included are the links necessary to complete the activity. This link below includes everything students need to complete the activity. In addition, supplementary videos, links to primary sources can be found here!

When we finish, I plan to facilitate a class discussion in which we can compare and contrast Washington's concerns and how he addressed these concerns with how President Obama and President Trump have handled these issues.

This worksheet is included in a resource bundle I just added to my TpT store for $1.49! (I plan to offer this product for 50% off through the end of January). This resource includes 8 pages of interactive notes and a visually appealing PowerPoint on the Adams' Presidency. My PowerPoint includes one bell-ringer as well!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Civil Rights History Unit 3

This week my Civil Rights History students will begin watching the first episode of what I consider the best documentary on the Civil Rights Movement, "The Eyes on the Prize." We spent the last week learning about the landmark Supreme Court case Brown v Board of Education, the Emmett Till Murder, and The Montgomery Bus Boycott.

On Monday I plan to implement a modified version of a Teaching for Change lesson I've been using with my Civil Rights History students the past couple years about the Montgomery Bus Boycott. The lesson allows students to practice social/civic engagement skills in the classroom.

The Role-Play Activity Link and Handouts can be found here:

This year I have been using more guided notes sheets and interactive notes pages/workbooks with my Civil Rights History and United States History students. My students are performing better on unit exams after I started utilizing these resources. I know some of my students struggled keeping up with notes AND listening to the lectures. Some of my students also struggled with the organization of their notes. Guided notes and interactive notes pages work for my students so I will continue to develop new sheets to correspond with my lectures. I've put a lot of TLC into these resources so I've decided to put them in my TpT store. They are tailored for my courses, however, others might find them useful.

My Civil Rights History Guided Notes and Interactive Notes Bundle can be found here: