Friday, February 17, 2017

Women's History Month Task Cards

Women's History Month is fast approaching. This year, in addition to the Women's History Month bulletin board project I usually do with my kids, I thought I would make some task cards to use in conjunction with the bulletin board. Once I got started, I decided to not only assign "tasks" incorporating the bulletin board, but I thought it would be beneficial to assign tasks incorporating our school library's Women's History Month display, community events planned to honor women's history and other tasks which would get the kids out of the classroom (and out of their "comfort-zone").

Here is a sampling of some of the cards I created:

All 32 task cards can be found in my store:

My Independent Study student and I also made a Women's History Month QR code bulletin board! Madeline helped with the "cutting" and assembly of the bulletin board. I love her! She helps with these sorts of "tasks" all the time, often without me even asking! We did run into a problem with the QR codes not working (apparently our school's internet filter blocked them). With the help of IT, the problem was quickly resolved. Whew!

Here is the finished product:

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