Saturday, February 4, 2017

Pentagon Papers Film Guide (Interactive Worksheet)

One of my favorite topics to teach in my high school history courses is the Pentagon Papers story. I love teaching that time period. I love any story involving freedom of press. I also love stories about unsung heroes. This year I tried a new lesson with my students. This is my first year using interactive notebooks in most of my classes. To be honest, I was a little surprised how much my high school students liked them! So, I created an "interactive film guide" I could use with "The Pentagon Papers" (it would also work with the documentary "The Most Dangerous Man in America." My students did a great job on the lesson. I'm thinking about creating similar film guides for other films I use such as "All the President's Men."

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Deborah Menkart said...

Lea -- can you sent us a copy of this guide to look at? (email to We would not share it. and can you add a comment on this page saying you have developed a guide to go with the film and include the link for the guide at the teacherpay site?
Deborah Menkart for ZEP