Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Role-Playing in Social Studies (Introducing "The Most Dangerous Man in America")

Yesterday I planned a role-playing activity for my Social Studies 400 students. We've been studying the First Amendment- Freedom of Press the past week and a half. I'm planning to show "The Most Dangerous Man in America" and although I've lectured on the topic of the Pentagon Papers and New York Times v. United States, I still felt it would be beneficial to review the "cast" of individuals involved in the story as well as their relationship to the story. I found a fun role-play activity on the Zinn Education Project Page. Despite having a small class yesterday (four kids absent), the activity was a success. Each student played the part of a key figure involved in the story. Each student was given mini-biographies, a photo of the person they were role-playing, a name tag, and a role-play worksheet. In the activity, students pretend they are at a reception. Students circulate around the room and visit with each of the "characters" trying to learn as much as possible about each individual in the time available. Students answer questions about each individual as they circulate among the "cast of characters" in the role-play. The kids enjoyed and learned from the activity. Description of the activity and printable biographies and worksheets can be found on the Zinn Education Project website. Search "Most Dangerous Man in America."


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Deborah Menkart said...

Lea This is wonderful. Do you have more photos (that we would be allowed to post) and/or comments or student feedback you could send us that we can add to the post about the film guide on the ZEP site? https://zinnedproject.org/materials/daniel-ellsberg-the-most-dangerous-man-in-america-film/ If so, please email to zep@zinnedproject.org Thanks for using and promoting the lesson on your blog and Instagram. Also, send us your mailing address so we can send you a deluxe edition of A People's History -- we received some comp copies from Harper Collins. Deborah for the Zinn Ed Project