Friday, May 13, 2016

Mainstream USA: Surviving Year One- Lessons

Social Studies 400

Mainstream USA: Surviving Year 1

What is infant mortality?

What is the infant mortality rate in the U.S.? Where does the US rank in the world?

What is the infant mortality rate in Rochester, NY? Where does Rochester rank?

What is SIDS?

What are some risk factors for SIDS?

What is toxic stress?

How is toxic stress different from typical stress.

What were some of the stressors the pregnant women from Rochester, NY described in the video?

What effects does toxic stress have on both pregnant women and their unborn babies?
What can be done to reduce toxic stress in pregnant women and young mothers?

How can home visits to at-risk pregnant women and young mothers help reduce infant mortality?

What is "Healthy Moms"?

What are two challenges of the Healthy Moms program?

How are programs like Healthy Moms cost-effective in the long-run?

What is the "ACE" or Adverse Childhood Experience study? (What does it measure?)

Take the ACE Quiz:
The ACE quiz measures 10 types of childhood adversity. List four examples of adverse experiences included in the questionnaire.


A higher ACE score can (but not always) lead to increased risk in: (list five)


What can be done to offset the negative impact of childhood adversity/trauma? What can schools do? What can communities do? What can individuals do?

Find three news stories about toxic stress in children, copy and paste the URLs, title of the article, and author and send to my email.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Life Skills- Does Money Make You Mean?

Life Skills

1. What is the title of this Ted Talk?

2. Who is the speaker?

3. What is the topic?

4. What is the argument the speaker is trying to make?

5. Document some of the differences between the players:


6. Briefly describe some of the insights gained from the Monopoly study regarding “advantage.”

7. What evidence does he present to support his argument? Give two specific examples (studies/facts/statistics) from this episode:



 8. What was the most memorable/interesting point made in this presentation?

9. What does this Ted Talk have to do with your life now? Five to ten years from now?

10. Imagine you could share this presentation with one other person (anyone in the world). Who do you share it with? Why did you choose this person?