Friday, January 8, 2016

Civil Rights History Final Project- Timeline

Civil Rights History- Timeline

Create a Positive/Negative Civil Rights Timeline

Using class notes, the internet, videos watched in class,  and other resources, brainstorm a list of events to include in your Civil Rights timelines. Rank events according to their historical significance. The most significant positive ranking would be a +5, and the most significant negative ranking would be a -5. For example, if you include the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., you would likely rank it as a -5.

You are required to include at least 40 events on your timeline. 

The first date on your timeline (as well as the last date) is your choice. Most students focus on the time period we covered in class.   Some students start with 1619 (the introduction of slavery to America). Other students start with the Civil War Amendments. Others focus on the 20th Century. It is your choice. 

In a separate  I email,  will send a couple links (the same links on the class Moodle page) that will assist in this project.

I will share examples of past projects in class on Monday.

I have tagboard, construction paper, and graph paper available if you need materials.

This project is worth 100 points.

80 points for people/events

10 points for pictures

5 points creativity

5 points appearance

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