Saturday, December 12, 2015

Life Skills Assignment #1 (M.I. Inventory and Reflection)

1. Take the MI Self-Assessment and print the results (Print one page. Choose the
printer in room 71.)

Multiple Intelligences Assessment

2.Click on the learning style you scored highest in. Print that sheet. Highlight two
or three learning activities you might enjoy. For example, if you scored highest in
"Verbal-Linguistic" print that page and highlight two-three learning activities listed
under “Verbal-Linguistic.”

Your Learning Styles- Digging Deeper

3. Spend some time researching Multiple Intelligence Theory on the internet.
Explain what it is in your own words.

Spend some time exploring your intelligence online. For example, if you scored
highest in "Interpersonal Intelligence," do a google search of "Interpersonal
Intelligence." What did you learn from your search? Please describe what you
learned in two to three sentences.

Do you feel your intelligence gets utilized in the courses you take at RVHS? If so, explain how. What courses? Describe assignments, learning opportunities your strengths are utilized.

If not, briefly describe a project, activity, etc. that could be implemented into any course that would allow you to utilize your strengths to either deepen your understanding of the content or illustrate your understanding of the content.

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