Sunday, December 13, 2015

Character Traits Assignment (Parts I and II)

Part I:
Please complete the online survey in the link below. When you finish, download and print your results. 

Read your results. 

Now highlight your top five and answer these questions:

1. What is the one character strength in your top 5 that resonates with you the most?
2. Which strength do you feel most excited about seeing on your top 5 list?
3. If you could pick only one of your top 5 strengths, which would it be?
4. Now I'd like you to spend some time reflecting on your strengths or "strength spotting."

Write a short paragraph summary about a time you used this strength to solve a problem.

When you finish, put everything in your student file.

Please remember to use complete sentences in your reply. Don't forget to use capitalization and punctuation. 

If there is a word you do not understand, please look it up. For example, if you don't know what the word "resonate" means, look it up. You won't be able to answer the question if you don't know what the word means.

Finally, don't forget to answer the last question which asks you to write a full paragraph response. A paragraph generally has four to five sentences. Your paragraph should start with a good topic sentence and follow with several sentences with supporting details.

This assignment is due no later than Friday. This assignment is worth 15 points.

Part II:

Respond to these questions via email or print this blog post as a worksheet and respond on the worksheet. Please use complete sentences when you respond.

  • Reflect: Take time out to think about ways you have used strengths in your past successes and your struggles. 
  • 1. When you were at your best, what strengths did you use? 
  • 2. At times of high stress, what strengths did you call forth to help you push forward? 
  • 3. Consider how you have recently used your strengths. What strengths have you deployed today?

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