Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Freedom Rides- Notes

Who: Irene Morgan, Supreme Court, NAACP, CORE, SCLC, SNCC, John Lewis, Diane Nash, Bull Connor, Fred Shuttlesworth, Ralph Abernathy, Governor John Patterson, John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy

What: Segregation on interstate buses in the south, Morgan v. Virginia, angry/violent resistance (Anniston- angry mob armed with clubs and bats, fire bombed the bus and brutally beat the passengers)

When: Morgan v. Virginia 1946, Journey of Reconciliation 1947, Freedom Rides May, 1961, Anniston, Alabama May 14, 1961

Where: throughout the south, in particular the deep south, Anniston, Birmingham, Montgomery Alabama

Why: Test the Constitutionality of segregation on interstate buses

How: Trained in civil disobedience, informally tested the law- Journey of Reconciliation and later Freedom Rides

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