Sunday, September 6, 2015

Measure of Happiness Assignment (Social Studies 400)

To complete this assignment you will need your copy of the happiness survey you completed last week.

First read the NYT and as a group we will answer the focus questions.

Working with a partner, develop seven questions you will use as part of an email survey on happiness in the community. You must email your questions to five people. One must be a staff member and only one of the five people you select can be a classmate.

I will give you a handout with seven topics (each with sub-topics and example questions) you may use as a reference when you write your questions.

Answer the "Further Questions for Discussion" questions individually. Discuss as a group.

Under "Extension Activities," answer question #3.
Working in groups of two or three, you will answer three questions. On a large sheet of paper, make three columns. In the first column you will list all the factors that increase or decrease your quality of life in your community. In the second column focus on what could be done to improve those factors and in the third column focus on what YOU can do to improve those factors.

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