Sunday, September 13, 2015

Room 167: Ted-Talk (Tony Robbins)

Room 167: Ted-Talk (Tony Robbins): What does Tony Robbins mean when he says “emotion is the force of...

Room 167: Life Skills: Prezi Project

Room 167: Life Skills: Prezi Project: Create a prezi account if you don't already have one. It will only take about a minute. Choose a template.  Create your frames and ...

September 14- 18

1st period:
Civil Rights History
-Assessing Life Experiences
-Diversity Toss Activity
Effects of Discrimination and Examples in History
White Privilege Exercise

Divide the class into 3 groups, each group taking turns to complete each activity:
Please tell the kids to check their school email for links. (For kids completing the online activities)
Racial Profiling Worksheet
Implicit Bias Test

Race-Sorting Activity

Racism (Then and Now)
Cultural, Individual, Institutional
What Would You Do?

2nd period: Student Assistant/Prep

Life Skills (Kids are working on this course independently. I email students their assignments.)
-Is College Worth it? TedEd
-John Green Video "Is College Worth it?"

Prezi Project

Lex: DMV Lesson

3rd Period: English 510
Star Reading Test
Deceit, Despair, and Dejection: Graffiti Questions
Finish "Banned Books Week" assignment.
If students finish early, ask them to spend the rest of the period on Free Rice.

English 400
Star Reading Test
Fae, Hallie, Lex:
College Admissions Khan Academy
Sal Khan's Story (check email for assignment)
College Admissions Khan Academy
Learn Master Timeline (check email for assignment)
College Admissions Khan Academy
"The College Experience"
College Admissions Khan Academy
"Student Story: College Increases Confidence"
"College Offers Exposure to Diversity"

Read a magazine article and email me the main idea and three supporting details.

Reading a book, Quizlet, NoRedInk

Current Events (Monday-Thursday) Friday NYT Weekly Quiz

5th Period:
English 510
Anthony (Ted-Ed) check email for assignments

Khan Academy Algebra- Hunter

Lex Life Skills (Prezi Project)

6th period: U.S. History
Monday and Tuesday
Ch. 1 questions
Finish reading chapter 1 and check email for discussion questions.

7th period: Prep/e-school

8th period Social Studies 400
Richard St. John Ted Talk - Passion
Read Chapter 1: 8 to be Great and answer questions

Richard St. John Ted Talk - Hard Work
Read chapter 2 and check email for discussion questions.

Guest Speaker

White Privilege Exercise

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Banned Books Week Lesson

1. Which book has topped the banned books list the past two years?

2. Why does the author think his book has been challenged?

Has there been any book challenges in Wisconsin? If so, where? Why?

3. List five reasons The Absolutely True Story of a Part-Time Indian has been challenged?

4.  Several of John Green's books have been challenged in recent years. Which ones were on the list?

5.  List three reasons his books have been challenged.

6.  Are any of Green's books in our classroom? If so, which ones?

7.  Are any of Green's books in the RVHS library? Is so, which ones?

8.  Why was the children's book, And Tango Makes Three challenged?

9.  Why was The Glass Castle challenged?

10.  Does RVHS library have a copy of The Glass Castle?

11. How many books on this list have you read?

12.  Find one book on this list (that you haven't already mentioned) that the RVHS library has on its shelves.

Reading Comprehension Practice

Dropout Nation

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Measure of Happiness Assignment (Social Studies 400)

To complete this assignment you will need your copy of the happiness survey you completed last week.

First read the NYT and as a group we will answer the focus questions.

Working with a partner, develop seven questions you will use as part of an email survey on happiness in the community. You must email your questions to five people. One must be a staff member and only one of the five people you select can be a classmate.

I will give you a handout with seven topics (each with sub-topics and example questions) you may use as a reference when you write your questions.

Answer the "Further Questions for Discussion" questions individually. Discuss as a group.

Under "Extension Activities," answer question #3.
Working in groups of two or three, you will answer three questions. On a large sheet of paper, make three columns. In the first column you will list all the factors that increase or decrease your quality of life in your community. In the second column focus on what could be done to improve those factors and in the third column focus on what YOU can do to improve those factors.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Image as History: Slave Culture

Interactive Spelling Bee Activity (English 510/ 400)

Create a Museum Exhibit on the Theme:Conflicts in American History (U.S. History 510)

Select "Curating an Exhibit"

Share your final "product" with me when you finish. This will count as a culminating activity for this class.

Dav Pilkey's "Banned Books Week" Video

How to Become An Adult

Is College Worth It?

Self-Assessment Inspires Learning | Edutopia

Self-Assessment Inspires Learning | Edutopia

Using Exhibits as Assessment | Edutopia

Using Exhibits as Assessment | Edutopia