Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ted-Talk (Tony Robbins)

What does Tony Robbins mean when he says “emotion is the force of life”?

What is a “therapy culture”?

Have you ever failed to achieve something?
Why do you think you failed to achieve your goal?

Why did Al Gore answer the question with “The Supreme Court”?
What failed goal was he referencing ?

What childhood event changed Tony Robbins’ perspective on humanity/changed him as a human being (a belief that strangers care)?
What did Tony decide to do after that?
What was the result of this decision?

List 15 emotions you have felt in the past week:

Of the fifteen, how many emotions were positive?

How many were negative?

Do you know someone who no matter what happens, they will find a way to be happy?

Do you know someone who no matter what happens, they find a way to be p$@#%* off?

Which person would you rather be around, the positive or negative person?

Why does Tony Robbins believe the thing that brings true, long-lasting happiness is “giving”?

When does Tony believe most people REALLY start living?

If you found out you were going to die and were given enough time to call one person, who would it be? Think about what you would say to that person.

What was the most important message from this Ted-Talk?

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