Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Ted Talk Lesson: What is the Crisis Text Line and How Does it Work?

Only Social Studies 400 Students and Current Events/Life Skills:
Watch the Ted Talk in class.

Answer the questions below:

What is Crisis Text Line?

How does it work?

What do you think it means to help people move from a “hot moment to a cool calm”?

Think about a time you helped someone move from a hot moment to a cool calm or a time someone helped you do that. Briefly discuss the situation.

Briefly discuss the role of the crisis counselor?

How are crisis counselors trained?

The Crisis Text Line page has links to many organizations offering help to victims of specific problems including (Name the issue and the helping organization):

Only Current Events and Life Skills Students:
You are in charge of designing a bulletin board based on this lesson.

The bulletin board must be completed by the end of next week.

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