Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Women's History Month Project: Women on 20s

First, listen to the wpr program: 

"Put A Woman On The $20 Bill?"

List the women suggested by callers during the program:











Visit the website:
Watch the two short videos introducing the organization and their mission.

Answer these questions:

The mission:

Don’t we already have women on currency?
Why choose the $20 bill?
Why 2020?
Why boot Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill?

Meet the candidates:
How were these 15 final candidates selected?
List the fifteen finalists.

Everyone will select a candidate (by drawing a name out of a hat) and create a poster or powerpoint/prezi about this person’s contributions to United States history. Your goal is to persuade your peers to vote for your candidate. 


If you create a PowerPoint or prezi, you need a minimum of six slides/frames. Each slide must contain a minimum of two facts. You must also include a minimum of three pictures in your poster/PowerPoint/prezi. (Posters need to include 12 facts and three pictures.)

As a class, we will vote for the most deserving candidate. The winner (poster/powerpoint/prezi) will win a prize! (A full-sized candy bar or a pack of gum!)

After you've learned about the top 15 candidates, if  you’d like to vote for your top three choices, vote here:

You will have one week to complete this project.

Women on 20s in the news:

You can follow Women on 20s on Twitter:

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