Sunday, February 15, 2015

Third World Farmer Assignment

Monday's assignment:
Print this page (click the print button at the bottom of this blog post) or write answers to these questions on a separate piece of paper. Turn in at the end of the period.

As you play the game record your answers to the following questions:

What difficult choices were you confronted with as you played the game?

What challenges confronted you as you played the game?

How did your choices affect your family members as you played the game?

What was the most difficult choice you had to make as you played the game?

What was the least difficult choice?

What was your final score? Are you satisfied with your score? How might you improve your score if you played this game a second time?

How is this game different from other games you play? (How do you "win" Third World Farmer vs games you typically play?)

Part of this website includes information on how players can "take action." What action can people like you take regarding the issues dealt with in Third World Farmer?

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