Saturday, February 28, 2015

Social Studies 400 (Ted Talk Assignment)

What is a Ted Talk?

What is the reason behind the 18 minute time limit?

Who can give a Ted Talk?

Are there any topics that are "off limits"?

Spend a few minutes looking at the Ted Talk Topics page. What appear to be popular Ted Talk topics? (List five examples.)

What are a few unusual topics you see listed?

Now browse the web. Look for advice on delivering a great Ted Talk. (Forbes has a short article online with five tips on delivering a "killer" talk.) What are some popular tips you found in your search?

Now imagine you have been asked to give a Ted Talk. What would be the topic? What would be the title of your talk?

How would you make your talk great (following the advice from the experts you researched online)?

Using the criteria I provided in class, score five Ted Talks for "greatness." You may include two talks I've shown in class but the other three you must watch on your own.

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