Friday, February 27, 2015

Social Studies 400 Assignment (Programs Serving the Needs of Children in Poverty)

Create a "flip-book" with five sections. Label the sections: Medical Needs, Nutritional Needs, Educational Needs, Safety Needs, and Other.

Inside each section, include contact information for programs that exist in Wisconsin and surrounding counties which serve each need. Also include a brief explanation of each program. On the upper-side of each flap, include facts and statistics regarding each topic.

For example, in your section labeled "Safety," you could include links to child toys/products recall pages or pages dealing with Shaken Baby Syndrome or SIDS.
Product Recalls:
Shaken Baby Syndrome Resource:

In the "Other" section, you could include information about the "Text4Baby" program.

You could include information about the WIC program in the "Nutritional Needs" section.

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