Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian Exam

Use complete sentences in all of your responses.

1. Describe Junior (both his physical appearance and his personality).

2. Why does Junior draw cartoons?

3. What does Junior identify as the worst thing about being poor?

4. Describe Rowdy and Junior's relationship?

5. Describe a Spokane Powwow.

6. Who was Mr. P?

7. What was Mr. P's advice to Junior?

8. How did Rowdy react to Junior's decision to change schools?

9. Describe Junior's friendship with Gordy.

10. Why does Junior think it is funny that Indians celebrate Thanksgiving?

11. How does Junior pretend he's not poor?

12. How are Penelope and Junior using each other?

13. So far in the book, who have been Junior's role models and mentors? Briefly explain why Junior views them as mentors/role models.

14. Select your favorite cartoon from the book. What page is it on? Describe in two complete sentences what the cartoon is about.

15. Discuss two Native American stereotypes Sherman Alexie writes about in the book. (Find specific examples. Tell me the page number of each example.

Extra Credit:

1. What is your favorite quote from the book? Why do you like it?

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