Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mid-term Project: Social Studies 400

Create a prezi account if you don't already have one. It will only take about a minute.
Choose a template. 
Create your frames and paths (the order/structure of your presentation.

You need to include this information in your presentation:

*Wisconsin High School Graduation Requirements

*River Valley High School Graduation Requirements

*Information about career outlook and wages for high school graduates.

*Statistics regarding career/wages for high school dropouts.

*Information about GED/GEO2

*GED/GED02 successful completion rate

*Tech school graduation rates

*Wages/Salaries of tech school graduates

*Student loan debt tech school graduates

*4 year college graduation rates

*Wages/Salaries college graduates

*Student loan debt college graduates

Not sure where to start? Look on the web for infographics, charts, graphs, pictures, videos, lists, links, etc. pertaining to the topics listed above. Include what you find in your presentation.

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