Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ted Talk: Rethinking Teen Motherhood (Quiz)

Part I:
Danielle cites a number of statistics in her presentation. Answer the following questions as "T" or "F."

Every single year, in America alone, almost 600,000 children will be born to mothers between the ages of 15-19?

Over the next ten years, there will be 5.5 million children born to teen mothers.

A teen mother is statistically more likely to have another child within two years.

A teen mother is more likely to drop out of high school.

A teen mother is statistically more likely to marry someone who is abusive (psychologically, physically, or both.)

A teen mother who marries, is statistically more likely to divorce at a young age.

Nevada has the lowest teen pregnancy rate in the nation.

Part II:
What does Danielle mean when she says we need to "reinvent teen motherhood"?

Do you agree or disagree with Danielle's message? Explain.

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