Thursday, October 16, 2014

Life Skills Interest/Career Inventory Assignment

1.       Take this interest inventory.

             2. Print the results. Highlight in yellow your top five career clusters.

3. Dig deeper into your top five career clusters. Select two or three careers from each career cluster to explore more fully.
5.  Print the career page and if available, additional information about the program.

6.  What education does your top choices require? (High School, Tech College, Bachelors Degree or above.) Highlight in yellow.

7. Are there any prerequisites to the program/certificate/degree? Highlight in yellow.

8. If your career requires a certificate or degree, how long will it take to earn the certificate or degree? Highlight in yellow.

9. Estimate tuition costs. Highlight in yellow.

10. Is there a list of required courses or syllabi posted for the program(s) you are interested in? If so, spend some time looking over the lists of required courses and/or syllabi.

11. If available, what is the estimated hourly wage or salary for the career/jobs you are interested in.  Highlight in yellow.

12. Now,  click  “Hot Jobs”
Print. Highlight in yellow all jobs that might interest you. Choose your top two favorites. Click on each.
13. What is the average annual salary for those jobs? Highlight in yellow. How many job openings in the area over the coming year? Highlight in yellow.

14. Gather all printouts and staple together. Put all printouts in your hanging file.

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