Sunday, October 26, 2014

Social Studies 400: What can be done to reduce bullying on social media?

Social Studies 400

Discuss: Have you seen social media used as a platform to bully others? Do you think this is a problem?

Research Wisconsin's cyber-bullying laws.

List three examples of cyberbullying.
Is it a crime to repeatedly call someone, with intent to harass them?

Is it a crime to make a telephone call, without disclosing your identity, with intent to harass?

Is it a crime to make a telephone call and use lewd, obscene, profane language to suggest lewd act with intent to harass or offend?

Is it a crime to send a message to a person and in that message threaten to inflict injury or physical harm to a person or that person’s property?

Is it a crime to message a person and in that message use obscene, lewd, or profane language or suggest lewd act?

Is it a crime to publish or post on the internet a nude or partially nude image or image depicting a person engaging in sexually explicit conduct without the consent of the person depicted?

1.Working in groups of two or three, brainstorm ten ways bullying can be reduced or eliminated on social media? (Think of examples that could be implemented on twitter, Facebook, snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, blogs.)

2. Select your best example to share with the class.

3. Class votes on three favorites.

4. Working individually, or in groups of up to three people, develop a project based on one of the top three ideas selected by the class. Develop a rubric that could be used to judge the effectiveness of your plan.

You have one week to complete this assignment. Individual/Group plans and rubrics are worth 100 points.

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