Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Room 167: 200 Countries, 200 Years

World Studies
Demography Video Clips


When did the world’s population reach 1 billion people?

What two advances led to faster population growth in the world?

How many years did it take for the world’s population to reach 7 billion?

Experts believe the world’s population will level out once we reach ________ billion people.

Can the world hold that many people? It depends on how we manage:

Now watch:

200 Countries, 200 years
What information was presented in both axis? _______________ and _______________.

So, in the bottom left corner of the graph, which groups are represented?

Which groups are represented in the top, right corner?

What color dot represented the Americas?

Where did most of the world’s countries lie on the graph in 1810?
The size of each dot represents ____________________________________________.

Life expectancy in 1840 was on average:

As we move closer to the 20th century, which countries make the greatest advances in wealth and life expectancy?

Where do most counties lie on the graph today (2009)?

Which country was at the top?

Which country was at the bottom?

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