Saturday, August 23, 2014

Culminating Activity- Unsung Heroes Assignment

Working in groups of three or four, prepare and conduct  a mock interview with your unsung hero. Interviews must be videotaped.

Your interview must include a minimum of six open-ended questions.  Questions and answers must be historically accurate and "believable."

You may want to do a bit of research before you develop your questions and practice your mock interview. Watch a few episodes of The Daily Show or The Colbert Report. Watch some interviews on the cable news channels or morning news programs. "60 Minutes," and similar programs are also good sources of inspiration and ideas.

Before you videotape your interviews, I need to see a list of interview questions. Once I give you the go-ahead, you may begin taping your interviews. When you are finished and are satisfied with your final product, upload to YouTube.

As a class, we will view and score all "Unsung Hero" interviews. I will give everybody a rubric in class to assist in the scoring process.

The top scoring interview will be submitted to RVTV and all team members will receive a special prize!