Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Interactive Map Activity: Lynchings and Race Riots in the United States

Visit the PBS link below.
Click on "Go to the Maps."
Next, click on "Lynchings and Race Riots." Select lynchings.
Click on Wisconsin. How many black and how many white lynchings took place in Wisconsin?
Click on Minnesota, Iowa, Illiniois, and Michigan. Were there any black or white lynchings in those states? If so, how many?
Click on states in other regions of the United States. Where do you see the most lynchings (both white and black)? Briefly speculate why the number of lynchings vary depending on region in the United States.
Now select "Race Riots." Did any race riots occur in Wisconsin? Were there any race riots in the Midwest? If so, where and when?
Click on states in other regions of the United States. Do you notice a pattern regarding race riots? Explain.
Now select "Jim Crow Laws." Choose a topic (such as education, hospitals and prisons, etc.) Slide your cursor over Wisconsin to see if we had any Jim Crow Laws in each of the areas listed. Did Wisconsin have any such laws?
Now visit some other Midwestern states. Did any of these states have Jim Crow laws? If so, list some examples.
Click on states in other regions of the country. List several specific examples of Jim Crow laws you discovered in your investigation? Of the laws you read about, which law did you find particularly shocking? Why?

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