Monday, June 2, 2014

Civil Rights Road Trip Assignment

Part I:
Document your observations as you travel "the path toward freedom" as you take a "Civil Rights Road Trip." You may either print the postcards provided in the link and turn them in to me or you may email your observations to me.
Choose ten places to visit and write about your experience in each place. You may choose from the places included in the google map linked on the Teaching Tolerance page  (each location is marked with a pin and when you click on the pin, information with appear in a box), or you may visit the "National Park Service: We Shall Overcome National Register of Historic Places" link and use some of the locations included there.
National Park Service: Historic Civil Rights Places in the United States

Part II:

Print the map linked above and label all ten historic Civil Rights sites you selected for this project. (Label the state, city, etc.) For example, if you included Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, make sure you label the map with "Central High School, Little Rock, and Arkansas.

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