Wednesday, February 26, 2014


The past couple weeks I've had my students complete some assignments on the new website NoRedInk. My students love it. They tell me the website is easy to use and they like the personalized questions NoRedInk generates. It makes practicing grammar skills a little easier and even a little fun.


Gie said...

How do you 'grade' student progress? Do you provide a weekly grade as they move through a marking period? How do you generate a traditional grade book grade from the heat map provided by No Red Ink to show student progress? How do you normalize the grade when students are working on individualized plans? Thank you in advance for your response.

Lea Hansen said...

I enter a grade into my grade book after students earn 80% or better on their noredink assignments. I generally assign one noredink assignment per week.

Most of my students work independently. Most are working on credit-recovery English. I am able to be creative and flexible in the development of curriculum I use with my alt-ed students.

Noredink is one resource I draw upon. Other resources I use include Ted-Ed, Khan Academy, quizlet, prezi, freerice, etc.